Hosting Stability Meter plugin for WordPress

Benchmarks stability measuring in time. Detailed graph for hosting performance peaks and dips let you know hosting is good or bad.
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Plugin for measuring hosting benchmarks stability in time. It uses several benchmarks to find out is your hoster stable or not. Like,

  1. CPU test
  2. Disk test
  3. Database test

The plugin stores benchmark results and displays detailed graph for every benchmark. The graph shows hosting performance peaks and dips. Many peaks and dips mean low hosting stability. You can use this in hosting support conversations.
The plugin uses this benchmarks library. Each benchmark takes no more that 1 second. You fully control benchmarks calls frequency.

The plugin may inform you about performance lacks. Also it may send stability benchmark results to this site if you allow. It helps to maintain a rating of hosters.
Note: we will never publish or give somebody neither your benchmark results nor hardware information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need one more hosting benchmarks plugin?

Because it measures benchmarks stability in time, not just hardware or database speed.
The response time of your site on the hosting should be stable, predictable and should not depend on the load of neighboring sites on the same hosting server or network. Unstable response times degrade SEO and usability.
You can increase the speed of the site by purchasing additional resources, but even in this case, the stability may remain low. Therefore, it is important to choose a stable hosting service, this is a guarantee that you will get the desired response time of the site at any time. Hosting Stability Meter gives you information about stability of hosting services and helps you to choose the best hoster.

  1. Install the plugin as usual in WordPress.
  2. Set up speed loss thresholds for each benchmark: CPU, Disk and Database. It's better to choose right values after 5-6 hours of plugin's working.
  3. Enjoy!
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