In short

Hosting Stability Meter shows how stably hosted sites perform benchmarks of CPU, disk and database. It measures not a speed but stability of sequental benchmark results in time and maintains a rating of hosters. The bigger number of stable sites the better hoster stability and relibility.

Some details

The response time of your site on the hosting should be stable, predictable and should not depend on the load of neighboring sites on the same hosting server or network. Unstable response times degrade SEO and usability.
You can increase the speed of the site by purchasing additional resources, but even in this case, the stability may remain low. Therefore, it is important to choose a stable hosting service, this is a guarantee that you will get the desired response time of the site at any time.
Hosting Stability Meter gives you information about stability of hosting services and helps you to choose the best hoster.

Hosting Stability Meter frontend

Frontends are CMS plugins/modules running on sites.
Ready to use is the Hosting Stability Meter plugin for WordPress, it shows stability lacks on your site graphically.
Frontend performs each benchmark periodically, store both duration and cycles number and send them to the backend. Duration of each benchmark is no more than 1 second so frontend spends just 3 different seconds per hour.
Also frontend sends hardware information such as CPU family, number of cores, bogomips, amount of RAM, OS family.
Frontend uses this benchmarks library.

Hosting Stability Meter backend

Backend is this site, is contains some scripts to recieve sites benchmarks results, calculates stability per hoster and maintains a rating of hosters.
Benchmarks results come from both hoster's and non-hoster's networks, so there are many items in the form.
Also backend collects and shows hardware information.
Note: we will never publish or give somebody neither personal benchmark results nor hardware information.

You can help

  1. Just install the WordPress plugin and enjoy detailed stability graphs. Don't forget to allow sending your benchmarks result to us.
  2. You also may develop frontend for your favorite CMS using our benchmarks library. Please inform us about it and link to your plugin/module will be here.
  3. Support us on Patreon. Yes, we need to spend coins to rent servers.